Trap of the Day: Terrell Owens

I hate to admit it. I actually felt bad for Terrell Owens this football season. Well, kinda.

At age 38, he was hoping for one last shot to contribute to a franchise’s hopes and dreams of reaching a Superbowl. Unfortunately for “T.O,” he was forced to undergo reconstructive knee surgery after blowing out his ACL during the spring of 2011. After a rigorous rehabilitation phase, T.O anticipated teams would be drooling over the date of his return to the National Football League. In attempt to lure in some potential suitors, T.O set up a nationally televised training session for NFL scouts to catch a glimpse of the veteran wide receiver doing what he does best–making plays. The problem was, not a single NFL employee bothered to show up. Zero. None.

Fortunately, this past week T.O finally found a job, but this time it wouldn’t be a NFL team giving the controversial star a chance at redemption. Instead, the Texas-based Allen Wranglers from the Indoor Football League happened to be the only team dialing T.O’s number. He took the job. Personally, I considered the news baffling and rather embarrassing for such a freak-of-nature talent to be stooping to this kind of low point. Remember, we are talking about a guy with the second most receiving yards in NFL history! Just retire already T.O! However, this past week the world found out why T.O isn’t ready to give up on football.

He’s flat broke. And sad.

The roughly estimated $80 million he had accumulated off of football alone–not counting reality television shows and endorsements–has been burned to a crisp. Just days ago, T.O got up close and personal with GQ Magazine regarding his crippling financial woes and inability to reestablish a sustainable method of income. How bad could it possibly be you might be wondering? Well, to put things into perspective, his four children–all four with different “baby mamas”–haven’t been receiving their child support payments. And that’s not even the half of it…

In T.O’s defense, we should all read his compelling life story before binge drinking his tears. Where he came from and what he’s been through as a young Alabama kid has had a tremendous impact on the lifestyle choices he has chose to make as an adult. Love, hate, or sympathize with him right here with the Terrell Owens trap!


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