The evolution of robotics over the years

Robotics for years was seen as something from science fiction that we see in the movies or in fantastic stories,  but, the reality is very different, robots are real, and they are here to stay.

The Beginnings

Brilliant minds have been toying with the idea of robots for decades, but it wasn’t until the 1960s that the first modern robot appeared.

It was crafted by SRI International, heavily inspired by the Hollywood imagination, and called “Shakey the Robot.” An incredible step forward for technology, Shakey was equipped with sensors that allowed it to move on its own.

After that, robots were developed to be used mainly in factories, or in the automotive industry, where they did jobs much faster than humans xnxx, or those difficult for humans.

Companies like Honda started their own humanoid robotics program in an attempt to get a piece of the action.

While Honda and SRI International were among the first to use robotics, they certainly weren’t the last to dabble in this world.

Some of the larger companies are making investments and betting on robotics among them you will find companies like Uber, Cruise, with its autonomous cars, Nuro and entrepreneur Tej Kohli.

These investors see the potential of robotics and really want to use them to improve their business operations. With millions invested in robotics every year, this industry is constantly innovating.

What the future holds for Robotics

Robotics continues to advance, and despite the fantasies porno we see in movies, which have instilled fears of robots replacing humans and dominating them, the reality is far from that.

Artificial Intelligence applications are still under development and as technology advances, so does the use of robots in certain tasks that humans cannot do, an example is the robots created to disarm bombs.

Robots are becoming more and more sophisticated, completing complex mathematical tasks, plus some complete puzzles, play chess, tighten bolts and nuts and bolts, clean your home, and can even serve you a drink.

But fear not, there are still many roles that only humans are capable of performing.

The truth of the matter is that that robotics industry really could transform everyone’s lives, as long as innovators continue to operate in the industry.

IA and Robotics

The application of AI in robotics if it has taken giant steps and this was demonstrated earlier this year at the celebration of CES(Consumer Electronics Show) cam4, in Las Vegas United States  one of the trends, were all those related to drones, robots and devices or systems inspired by virtual reality.

This included home appliances complemented with artificial intelligence, such as the Amazon Echo or Google Home, both dominant in the technology market and one of the most popular home gadgets in recent years, along with the smart lock that you asked the locksmith to install on the door of your house.

The presentations were related to the technological advances that are expected to be implemented in the future.

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