Why Misalignment Causes Social Selling Programs to Crumble

There are many factors that can spoil your social selling program – a lack of content, a lack of training, a lack of KPIs, to cite a few examples.

But those factors are often a symptom of an even larger problem. Indeed, executive misalignment is sure to doom your program. For your social selling program to take off, marketing, sales, and sales enablement leaders need to be aligned. They need to understand why social selling is necessary within the company and how their individual departments contribute to social selling success.

Let’s take a look at how you can get started.

The Responsibilities of Your 3 Key Executives

To ensure that your social selling program takes off, you need to secure the support of your marketing, sales, and sales enablement leadership . A social selling program is not the responsibility of one single individual, but rather, it is the responsibility of pornhub many contributors.

Your sales leader is responsible for driving action and accountability to the sales team. Your marketing executive is responsible for developing the systems and content that creates opportunities for sales. Your enablement leader establishes the environment for continuous learning and development.

When one of those leaders falls out of step, things can go majorly wrong.

When Things Go Wrong

If your sales leader is not on board, your social selling program is bound to fail. Why? Because no one will hold the sales team accountable. In a top-notch social selling program, the sales leader will walk the walk mature porn. That is, he or she will set an example for his or her sales team. It’s difficult to manage a team if you don’t espouse the the ideas you’re promoting.

If your marketing leader does not support your social selling program, your salespeople will not have content to educate buyers, nor will they have the tools needed to create new opportunities. Marketing leaders need to ensure that salespeople have ample amounts of content, especially educational content for the top of the funnel. A healthy content strategy follows the 4-1-1 rule.

Finally, if your sales enablement leader shirks responsibility, you’ll have a sales force that never adopts to the new buyer and reverts back to old habits. Sales enablement leaders need to constantly offer opportunities for learning bangbros. A one-day workshop is not enough. As they say, repetition is the mother of all learning.

How Do You Align Your Executives?

So, how do you align your executives so that you can transform your sales team? Sales for Life and Trapit created an ebook that answers that question. The Executive Guide to Social Selling Success explains everything that your key executives need to know.

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