The Need to Consolidate Sales Tools: Announcing Trapit’s CMS

What’s one of the biggest challenges that sales reps face? There’s just too much sales technology. According to Accenture’s research on the impact of digital on sales teams, 59% of respondents believe that their company uses too many sales tools. [Tweet this stat!]

Sales reps are tired of bouncing between applications and windows in order to do their jobs. They want a more streamlined workflow. They need a more consolidated sales technology ecosystem. That’s why we’re adding a proprietary content management system to our social selling platform.

In our conversations with our customers over the past months, one thing has stood out: high quality content drives revenue. Yet, sales enablement and marketing teams have not found a smart way to deliver content to their sales reps.

At many companies, assets get lost in emails and intranets, and when reps finally find the asset they’re looking for, they have to use a separate application to send the blog post, video, or infographic to their buyers. Before they know it, they’ve wasted 30 minutes of their lives, looking for one piece of content.

With Trapit’s CMS, that’s no longer a problem. Our platform streamlines the social selling process from end to end. Whether it’s a company-created asset or a piece of third-party content from our library, sales reps will always have access to what they need, when they need it. And they’ll be able to share it wherever they need to.

Here are a few of the features that Trapit customers can look forward to:

  • Native content upload – manage owned assets and discover new content within the same system
  • Support for broad range of file types – upload PDF, video, audio, images, Tweets, and more
  • One-step publishing – select the content, schedule it, and hit “send”
  • File hosting – upload and store owned content within CMS
  • Batch or manual upload – drop owned content into the CMS with the click of a button, either in batches or one-by-one
  • Flexible organization – group content by topic, product, team, media type, and customer stage
  • Multi-lingual content library – updated content library now includes vetted sources in Spanish and French
  • Analytics on engagement – ​​measure engagement with content that sales reps and employees share. Generate reports in aggregate, by team, by individual, or by network

Want to learn more? If you’re interested in trying out the Trapit platform and exploring how we can help transform your employee advocacy and social selling programs, contact us. We’d love to help!

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