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We are officially in the thick of summer now, and one of my favorite things about the warmer months is that entertaining becomes so much more fun. With long summer days, beautiful weather, and everyone feeling a bit more relaxed, casual dinner parties and backyard barbecues seem like perfect ways to get friends and family together. Some people I know revel in being the best possible host or hostess, but for others entertaining can be a big headache. Whichever camp you fall into, Trapit can help up the ante on your entertaining skills as well as make hosting a little easier on you. Whether you’re throwing a birthday party for a little one, hosting a casual family gathering, or having friends over for an evening party, use these tricks to always be prepared and help you look like a hosting natural.

Keep a virtual recipe box: If you tend to get stuck on deciding what food to make for a gathering, remember that you can save great recipes you find on Trapit to your reading list for later. Make it a habit to check out our featured food traps, like Appetizers, Foodie, and Grilling and save any recipes that look particularly tasty to your Trapit reading list. Do this by clicking the bookmark icon on the article and then the Trapit button to save. You can save recipes during your regular browsing time, and when the time comes to choose something for a get-together, you’ll already have a virtual stash of delicious ideas.

Trap by ingredient or event: For those who want to serve something really special for a specific event, try creating your own Traps based on either a great seasonal ingredient. For a summer party ingredient discovery, you might try typing in blueberries, artichokes, or avocados. If you’re looking for a main dish, you might type in the kind of protein you want to use, like chicken, shrimp, or black beans. If thinking of a specific ingredient isn’t your style, try making a trap based around the kind of event you’ll be hosting. You might try discovering grilling recipes, brunch recipes, or potluck recipes, for example. Whichever style you try, you’re sure to end up finding some delicious inspiration.

Don’t forget the drinks!: No matter the event, Trapit can help you find or create the perfect beverage choice. For strictly wine or beer drinkers, check out our featured Wine and Beer & Brewing Traps for a little inspiration on what to choose and what’s getting rave reviews. For even more specific recommendations, make a Trap on a regional wine (I might type in Oregon Pinot Noir, for example) or local style of beer. Or go the extra mile and create a signature cocktail for your event with a little help from The Cocktails Trap. For non-alcoholic drinks, try making your own trap on lemonade, iced tea, or mocktails.

Add some DIY flair: To add a little something extra to your party or event, let Trapit help you find a fun DIY project for party decor, fun crafts for kids, or a pretty addition to the serving table. Check out The DIY Trap for all kinds of ideas or try creating your own. Some good discovery terms to try might be party crafts, DIY party, or DIY entertaining.

And don’t forget to have fun, let loose, and enjoy the party! Happy entertaining!


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