The Daily Trap, Curate Content from Other Sources and Become a Topic Destination

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As a marketer, creating enough original content for your brand can be a constant struggle. With the hectic pace of online publishing, you want to get enough content out there to support your brand and keep readers coming back, but you also want that content to be of the best quality. And quality takes time. Unless you have a large team of writers and social media contributors at hand, creating solid original content each and every week is no small feat. But original content is not the only way to keep your customers loyal and engaged. In fact, expanding the content you share to include useful information from other sources may actually help build loyalty. You’re probably thinking why on earth would I share content that’s not our own? But hear us out.

Bring Your Audience What They Care About

Like we talked about last week, finding your niche in content is paramount. Zoning in on your area of expertise can help you build a devoted audience instead of one that is just made up of casual passers-by. As many of us learn in life, trying to please everyone rarely works to your advantage. The same can be said for content. Whether it’s social media marketing, new indie music, or vegetarian cooking, staying laser-focused on your niche will attract an audience that is as passionate about the subject as you are. Creating original content for your brand with this kind of specificity in mind translates to getting that content into the hands of the people who really want it. But the people who really want content in your area of expertise don’t just want content from you. They want all the high-quality content in that niche topic, and they will go where they need to go to get it. Why not make your brand the only place they need to go?

Become the Destination

We’ve already established that creating high-quality original content around your area of expertise is a major player in attracting an audience, but to go one step further and hang on to that audience, curating content from other sources can make your brand stand out from the crowd. The Internet is a big place, and even the most niche topics have plenty of content to choose from. That fact combined with a good case of digital ADHD means that your audience is likely bouncing around from site to site to get all of the content they crave. If you break the mold and start giving your audience quality original work and valuable content from other thought-leaders in your area, chances are that audience will stick with you. By hand-selecting the best of the best content (including your own) in your area of expertise, your brand will become an authoritative resource for content, instead of just one of the many. Curating from all over the web can make your brand the only click your audience needs to stay informed and well-read on your subject area.

As the saying goes, “If you build it, they will come.” If you present and curate the best content in your field, both yours and from others, the audience will come – and they will stay.


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