The Best Way to Evaluate Your Company’s Social Media Strategy

Marketers, it’s time to come to terms with something: you’re no longer the sole department using social media at your company. HR, Finance, Sales, and Customer Support are using social media for business purposes.

And while that’s a great thing, there’s a problem. Each business unit is acting autonomously, making it difficult to create a coherent enterprise-wide strategy for social.

That’s where you step in. Who better to unite your company’s social media efforts than you, my friend?

It’s a tough mission. You may not know where to begin, but don’t worry. We have you covered. We created a little something to help you evaluate your social media strategy.

A Bird’s-Eye View of Your Company’s Strategy

Let’s start with a bird’s-eye evaluation of your company’s social media efforts. Take a minute to review the checklist below.

Our company, as a whole, has clear goals for social media.

When creating goals, be as specific as you can, and make sure you communicate these goals with the key stakeholders.

We know which departments are on social media and who’s leading the efforts.

To foster a culture of social media, employees need to communicate across departments. It also helps to keep track of who’s leading your company’s social media efforts.

We have a content library where employees can easily access and select content to share on social channels.

Trying to find stuff is a major workplace distraction. Make it easier for your company to use social media by placing content and sample messages in easy-to-access locations.

Our leadership is committed to making social media an integral part of our company.

Without executive sponsorship, your initiatives will not take off. It helps to have a visible, vocal champion who legitimizes your efforts.

We are committed to making our interactions as personalized as possible.

Buyers trust your employees more than they trust your ads, your website, and even your CEO. In marketing speak, empowering your employees on social media is called “employee advocacy.”

We produce and/or discover enough quality content to sustain social conversations.

Content is a requirement for social media. Without content, what will you share on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn?

We understand how to measure the success of our social media efforts.

You need a tool that can produce insights – insights about which tactics are working and whether your efforts are producing leads, pipeline, and revenue.

We have the social media technology in place that will help us build an enterprise-wide strategy.

You need a tool that is flexible enough to accommodate each department’s needs and simple enough that any employee can use it to build a presence on social media.

What Else Goes into Evaluating Your Company’s Social Media Strategy?

This ebook covers it all. Download it and take your social initiatives to the next level!

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