Stay on Top of the Latest Trends in B2B Sales: Introducing Sales Reboot Camp

Imagine having a quick and simple way to stay on top of the latest trends in B2B sales. You no longer need to shell out money to attend overhyped and underwhelming conferences. You no longer have to scavenge the internet for the latest tips and tricks.

Doesn’t that sound great?

We’ve found that sales and marketing leaders are grappling with the ever-changing buying journey. And a number of studies report the same thing:

As sales teams adjust to the modern, digitally driven buyer, there’s a lot to learn. Many sales teams need to reboot. That’s why we’ve whipped up a new, free resource for sales and marketing leaders.

Check out Sales Reboot Camp, a resource that offers authentic, practical guidance on building and growing sales programs for the digital age.

San Francisco, CA., Trapit, the leading platform for authentic social selling and employee advocacy, today announced the launch of, a resource for sales and marketing leaders. Sales Reboot Camp offers insights and strategies that will help sales organizations adapt to the modern, digitally-driven buyer. Sales Reboot Camp will launch with a curated newsletter to help leaders and managers in sales organizations filter through all of information available on this topic and surface what is important.

Sales Reboot Camp launches at a time when the B2B buyer’s journey has changed dramatically. Buyers are engaging with social and digital at all layers of the journey and are more empowered than ever before. As a result, B2B organizations are revamping their sales programs to meet the needs of the new buyer in the “age of the customer.”

In order to support the shift, Sales Reboot Camp was designed to provide sales organizations with authentic, practical guidance – from building a business case for social and digital sales, to engaging executive teams, to developing an impactful content strategy, to training and driving employee adoption, to finding and implementing the right tools.

“Our industry has been cluttered by too much noise, vapid advice, and few true best practices. Sales Reboot Camp will break through that clutter to provide practical real-world advice for sales and marketing teams who are transforming their organizations in service of the modern buyer,” said Hank Nothhaft, Jr., CEO of Trapit. “We want to make sure sales organizations can stay ahead of the trends and realize the value of authentic content marketing, social selling and employee advocacy programs.”

Sales Reboot Camp will reach leading B2B sales executives, managers, and organizations. Topics for Sales Reboot Camp newsletter will include:

  • Social Selling Program Development & Management
  • Social Selling Training and Best Practices
  • B2B Sales
  • B2B Content Marketing
  • Account-Based Sales and Marketing
  • Employee Advocacy
  • Social Selling Tools

Sales Reboot Camp is launching with a curated newsletter available for marketing and sales leaders today. To learn more about Sales Reboot Camp and sign up, please visit

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