Let readers explore in-brand and external content all from your native app

Here we are, living in an age where not only is information everywhere, but where the quality of that information is more important than ever. You’ve heard that “content is king,” and that’s never been more true than it is today. So you’re out there seeking the highest-quality content you can imagine, with well-researched information and facts, the nuanced opinion of an expert, and a unique voice and viewpoint, all without the false front of yellow journalism.

Under the umbrella of a high-quality and reputable publishing house, many of the best writers, journalists, and other content producers can be brought together: National Geographic for natural science, Here Media for LGBTQ issues, or Spin Media for entertainment.

It’s not just one voice that the audience wants to hear, no matter how valuable that single voice is; it’s a combination of as many of the A-list content creators as you can find. No matter how good, diverse and comprehensive the content in your publishing house is, no matter how many quality content creators you have on board, you’re never going to be the only source with something worth listening to. And unless you do something about it, when your audience goes to read an article that isn’t published under your brand, they’re not your audience any longer; they’re your competitor’s, at least for that moment.

You still might be the thought leader in your field; you still might be the first name that your audience thinks of when they think of your niche. After all, you’ve done all the right things: you’ve established your integrity, you’ve shown yourself to be honest, and you’ve been careful and thoughtful with the content you publish. Thanks to your commitment to quality, you’ve successfully earned your audience’s trust. But despite all that, they’re still going to want to hear viewpoints beyond the ones you bring them directly.

Well, what if you helped bring them those, too? What if you not only had a quality, branded app that brought all the superb content that’s under your umbrella to your audience, but that also found and delivered the best external content related to your topics of expertise as well? What if you could keep your audience within your branded app, even while they browsed the relevant non-native content that you brought to them? Throughout the whole process — the process of bringing them relevant stories, while they read the external content, and even once they finish the article — they’ll still be your audience.

Someone’s going to step up and take ownership of your topic and your set of issues, and position themselves as the #1 go-to source for your sector. In a world where publishing is changing faster than ever, fortune undoubtedly will favor the bold. Here at Trapit, we think we can give you a competitive advantage that lets you customize content on topics that matter, highlight your own native content, and hold on to your audience even while they peruse articles from external sources. What publisher wouldn’t want that?


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