Learn to Engage your Audience on Different Social Networks

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There are a lot of social media sites out there, and you don’t need to have an active presence on all of them, especially if your resources are limited. Experiment with some of the more popular media sites, discover where your people virtually reside, and focus on one or two sites that align with your social media strategy. If you aren’t sure where you should start, try LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter for starters. These sites have large numbers of users that tend to encompass many demographics and industries. But the strategies for engaging your target audience varies for each social network. Some are more casual, some are more buttoned-up. Here are a few things to think about when crafting your strategy for each of the three big networks.


LinkedIn may not seem as shiny and pretty as Twitter or Facebook, but with over 300,000,000 users and 3,000,000 company pages , it’s a powerful business-oriented social network that can be used as a great medium to drive your social media strategy. Here are a few LinkedIn engagement strategies to get you started:

The Power of the “One” Post

Try promoting one main post rather than updating your linkedin page multiple times in a day. The reasoning behind this strategy is that by harnessing the power of “one” post, you will increase the number of likes and comments the post receives. In general, more popular posts can result in significant traffic increase to your page. The more traffic you have, the more engagement you’ll see.

Create Groups

After you have created your company page, you should utilize the LinkedIn Groups feature to drive marketing campaigns. This is a great way to genuinely engage in group discussions with segments of your audience.


How do you ensure that you are being heard when there are over 645,750,000 active registered Twitter users and more than 58 million tweets per day? Here are two tactics to engage your audience by using Twitter.

Twitter Mentions

When sharing an article or quote from another Twitter user, include the user’s handle in your tweet. By employing this tactic, chances are, the user will notice your tweet and may retweet to their own peeps. The result: the more your message is shared, the more followers you’ll have, and the louder your message will be in the Twitter world.

Engagement and Effective Tweet Features

According to research that was completed by the Twitter Media blog, the most effective Tweet features to increase engagement include the following:

  • Photos average a 35% boost in Retweets
  • Videos get a 28% boost
  • Quotes get a 19% boost in Retweets
  • Including a number receives a 17% bump in Retweets
  • Hashtags receive a 16% boost

Conclusion – use photos when tweeting!

Source: Twitter Media Blog


Need to get your “Facebook Legs”? Here are two tactics to use Facebook as a tool to engage with your audience.

Keep it Short

Keeping posts short will increase your chances of having your audience read and respond to your posts. Let’s face it, the age old adage, time is money is true. Your audience will not only appreciate you for keeping your post both brief and relevant, they will also be more apt to engage with your message.


What is the value of the service(s) or product(s) that you offer? Actively engage your audience by posting open-ended questions or surveys to gain an understanding of their most important pain-points as it pertains to your product or service.

There are a lot of social media sites out there. Once you have your social media strategy in place and an arsenal of quality and relevant content, you will be ready to experiment and engage with your audience with the social platform that best meets your needs.

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