Finding Four-Leaf Clovers in Content

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Four leaf clovers are rare and very hard to find. They are symbols of luck and, as such, the bearer is better off for having found one. These little gems do exist, but it takes patience to sort through thousands and thousands of three leaf clovers to find one – an arduous task. The largest four leaf clover collection is held by George J Kaminski, who single-handily collected 72,927 – and he found them within the grounds of a prison in Pennsylvania. I guess he had a lot of time on his hands. Though as a career criminal, one might question his luck.

As marketers we face a new – but similar – challenge. We need to provide our customers and prospects with information that is revealing, unique, and engaging – content that must be relevant and timely. Finding relevant content can be difficult and expensive. There is just too much data out there, both in the public domain and in your company’s private domains. As we all know searching for information using today’s search engines is time consuming and not always rewarding, and finding those little four-leafed gems is even harder. And you probably don’t have as much time on your hands as George.

Our audience wants and expects us to help them understand and learn what to buy and why they should buy it. In today’s world of instant information, we know that when a prospect comes to us with an intent to purchase, they have already done their research and narrowed the number of suppliers to just a few. You can bet that they are already at least half way through their buying decision cycle. It is up to us as marketers to ensure that our brand and our story is the one that is most compelling so that we capture their interest and have an opportunity to win their business. Remember, it is not the leads that we know we lost that are most troubling – at least we learn something. Rather, it is instead losing a lead we never had the chance to convert.

Discovering relevant content is everything. Curating content from sources other than your own is critical. Delivering content in a manner that your audience wants is fundamental. As a marketer you must design and execute a content strategy that is rich with the information that compels your audience to take a deeper look at your product. In short, since your audience does not likely have George Kaminski’s time on their hands, you need to figure out how to make it fun and easy to find those four leaf clovers that make you stand out in a field crowded with ordinary three-leafers.

The challenges that you face are time, volume, cost and relevancy. At Trapit we can help with all of this. Our new Content Curation Center will allow you to discover, trap, and deliver the content you need to stay ahead of the crowd. We reduce the time and costs associated with human curation while ensuring that you are finding those gems that keep your audience coming back. And this is not about luck – it is about applying the right solution to help you rapidly and efficiently solve these challenges.

Come and visit us at Trapit and see how fun we make it to help you find your four leaf clovers.


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