Creating the Element of Discovery with Content

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Discovery is a great buzzword, but what does it really mean? To us, it means collecting and sharing great content from all kinds of sources, big and small, to share insights, open up dialogue, and create interest. Why curate? That is a question that we are often asked and a debate that is still kicking in the content marketing world. There are many reasons to curate content from other sources, but one of the big ones is that it can help give your audience an element of discovery. Everyone has social circles online, and within those social circles, the same content (articles, viral videos, etc.) often gets shared over and over again, meaning that you’re not seeing much content that is new, exciting, or different than what everyone else is seeing. That makes sharing content a lot less fun, too, if you don’t have something fresh and interesting on-hand. For brands, there is an opportunity here to seek out exciting unique content and share it with their followers. If that content is new and interesting to that audience, they are much more likely to share it within their social circles because you have given them the element of discovering something great.

If your audience feels like every time they go to your website, Facebook page, or Twitter stream they discover wonderful content that is new to them, they will want to share that content and they will keep coming back for more. But how do you create the element of discovery? Here are a few tips to make sure that you’re on track to showing your followers what’s new.

1. Curate!

This tip seems obvious, but it’s important. Curating content from sources other than your own gives your audience a sense of trust that you are sharing the cream of the crop of content, even if it comes from somewhere else, and that you take pride in showcasing what you consider quality content. Creating wonderful original content is important, too, but curating allows you to be inspired by others and share that with your audience as well.

2. Share

Share your findings with your audience on whatever social channels you use. Different content might work well in different places, but wherever you choose to share, be sure to give credit to the original sources and perhaps offer a few words about why you or your brand thought the content was worth sharing.

3. Start the conversation

Once you’ve shared the unique, curated content that you discovered, invite your readers and followers to engage with you in a discussion about the content and why it’s important or helpful. Engaging with commenters and users in a conversation about whatever niche your brand falls into will encourage trust as a topic authority and will also give you insight into what kind of content they might want to see in the future. Both of those things can help grow brand loyalty among the followers you do have, and attract those that you don’t.

If you and your brand can follow these steps with careful curating and thoughtful sharing, your audience will see the value that you and your social properties offer them. They will see that unlike many brands who only share their own content and fail to incite conversation, you are taking an interest in all of the best content out there on your subject matter, and are excited to share that content with people who will appreciate it. Giving your audience a sense of discovery every time they see your brand sharing content will undoubtedly foster positive engagement and keep them coming back on a regular basis.

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