Beta User Profile: Julianne and her Joyce Trap

Our beta users are an invaluable source of feedback, constructive criticism, and even sometimes praise (oh how it feels good to be wanted!). In this new blog installment I’ll be showcasing how some of our early beta users are using Trapit in their day-to-day lives.

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing beta user Julianne Bond on a rainy in PDX morning. After assuring her I was indeed jealous of the hot weather in NYC we got down to brass tacks and talked about some of the traps she’s been making.

Julianne is a real estate broker for Corcoran and lives and works in New York. She has been using Trapit professionally to find information relevant to her career and of potential interest to her clients. She has found Trapit so useful in this regard that she recently recommended it as a resource to her clients.

Julianne is also a writer of short fiction and routinely seeks out historical and literary information to inform her writing. She’s an avid user of archives and libraries and bemoaned that Google searches into her topics of interest generally returned lots of duplicate results and weren’t always as helpful as she would like.

One of the first traps Julianne started for her writing was a trap on James Joyce. Her Joyce trap led her to discover a podcast from a man examining Ulysses one line at a time. She was hooked.

“Anyone can really turn [Trapit] into something incredible for themselves,” says Julianne. “There is just so much out there. I feel like this whole concept is such a gift for anyone who is looking for information. It’s made a huge difference in the quality of research I’ve been doing.”

Julianne has also made traps on Homer’s Odyssey, Archeology, Gettysburg, and even a dreams trap.

When pressed if there was anything she felt would make Trapit better (I do so love constructive criticism) she suggested that some sort of notification when new content is added to her traps would make her happy (we hear you Julianne and be on the lookout for the addition of that feature in the very, very near future).

Overall she’s excited to see where Trapit goes from here and will continue to create traps to enrich her personal and professional life. If you want to check out her Joyce trap (I know I did) you can find it here.


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