At Trapit, We Are Obsessed with Our Customers and Their Success

Forrester is predicting a sharpened focus on the customer in 2017. They are even going as far as referring to a shift towards customer obsession. Augie Ray, Customer Experience advisor at @GartnerDigital, is saying, “The king isn’t your content but your customer.”

When Augie talks about “customer as king,” it is not about the old traditions of rolling out the red carpet, but deeply understanding a customer’s needs and providing the solutions and experiences that address those needs. When Forrester talks about customer obsession, it is about moving away from focusing on products and services. It is about shifting that focus to individual customers and their unique needs and business challenges. This is a critical imperative for B2B marketers and sales leaders. And at Trapit, this extends to our approach to Customer Success. Customer obsession is not new for us at Trapit.

Our approach to Customer Success is not just about helping you get started with our product and providing ongoing support. We start with making sure we deeply understand you, your customer and the problems you are trying to solve. For the Customer Success team at Trapit, everything starts with understanding your industry, your business, your challenges, your goals, and your objectives.

Understanding our Customers

While there may be some common themes across our customers, each customer has unique needs and challenges.

Our customers are at different stages of developing their programs:

  • Many customers see the value of social selling and employee advocacy, they recognize the importance of a robust content strategy, and they are looking for help getting started.
  • Others have more advanced programs, but are struggling to find highly relevant content for their sales teams to share.
  • Some customers invested in tools that are not meeting their needs and as a result, are not seeing results.

Our customers come from a range of industries and businesses with unique challenges and goals:

  • A tech-forward company wants to build the digital literacy of its executives, sales team, and marketers.
  • A B2B technology company has seen social selling success from a small group of early adopters on their sales team. They would like to better enable the entire sales team to master the modern, digital buyer journey.
  • A financial services firm is looking to build and execute a content strategy that helps position their advisors as subject matter experts who understand the unique needs of their target market.
  • A global company in a regulated industry with a risk-averse culture wants to rollout out a successful employee advocacy program while ensuring that they understand and manage the risks unique to their industry.
  • A Fortune 50 technology organization has a formal group of social sellers who require highly relevant and unique content for multiple industries, geographies, and languages.

Our Customer Success approach is designed to understand and align to our customers’ unique needs. It is flexible so that we can adjust and feather in expert advice and consultative support where it is most needed. Here’s a bird’s-eye view of what you get when you work with Trapit.

We Draw on Our Years of Experience

Our team has deep experience working with a range of customers to help plan, launch, refine and scale content marketing, social selling, and employee advocacy programs. While each of our customers is unique, the approach we take is consistent and deliberate. It is informed by our expertise, our experience, industry-leading best practices, and the fundamentals of organizational change management. Our team brings industry knowledge, business acumen, and product expertise. This is complemented with a depth of experience with content marketing, social selling, and employee advocacy program development. For example, I have almost 10 years experience of building social media and digital communication programs at a large financial institution as well as consulting in various industries. I love sharing my knowledge and experience with our customers, helping them to build and grow their programs.

It Is Not Just about the Tool; It Is about Your Program

Our software enables us to work quickly and set you up for success. But, if you think it is just a matter of purchasing the software you will not be successful. It is about building a program that is aligned to your business objectives and fits with our organization’s culture and social media maturity. Through a series of consultative workshops we take the time to understand the unique considerations for your business, your stakeholders, governance and your team. We also work with you to develop a program plan that includes executive and stakeholder engagement, training, adoption and communications. Our commitment is to work with you building a program that meets your business needs and sets you up for success.

“It’s about taking deliberate, yet creative steps to help build an effective program, that makes sense for our customers. It’s a challenge, that I love to take head on every day.” Cyd Anderson, Customer Success

Note: In a previous blog post series, we talk about the importance of organizational change management. Successful social media programs are much broader than investing in the right tool and following best practices. It is about building a change management program that instills new mindsets and processes to drive lasting behavior change. You can read more about our thinking on change management in these blog posts.

Everything Starts with a Plan

We believe a plan sets the foundation for your success. We get to know our customers quite well during the sales process. Our Customer Success team digs deep to understand your business objectives and work with you to build a plan for your program success. This plan will include all of the important change management elements. We take a consultative approach to understand the unique considerations for your business. We also work with you to set program objectives that can be measured and are aligned to your goals. Our Customer Success approach is grounded in project management fundamentals to keep us all on track.

How We Approach Training

We are confident that you will find Trapit “ridiculously easy” to use. So, how do we think about training? Do you even need training? Absolutely. We have designed our training to be focused on the “Why,” ”What” and “How” of content marketing, social selling and employee advocacy.

Our training is not just about the tool but how the tool can help you achieve your business objectives. For marketers and content curators, our training is designed to empower and enable you to get the most out of the tool, saving you time by discovering highly relevant and engaging content. For sales reps and employees, our training integrates best practices for social media platforms, social selling, and advocacy. Practical guidance on the “How” – balanced with the “Why” and the “What”. We have tons of resources our customers can use to adapt and customize training to your needs.

Growing and Optimizing Your Program

So, you have a plan and understand how Trapit can enable your program success. You have implemented Trapit, and your team is using the tool and finding success. We are not quite done; in fact, we are never done. This is where things start to get exciting. We will work with you to measure, capture, and share accomplishments with your key stakeholders. Adoption is key for social selling and employee advocacy programs, and without the buy-in of your stakeholders, adoption will be impossible.

Informed by your accomplishments and insights from measurement, we will work with you to continue to develop and optimize your program. Once launched there is so much opportunity to continue to refine and grow your program:

Your business and marketing priorities may change, so your content strategy might need to be adjusted.

As your initial sales team starts to see success other sales groups will want to join the program.

“I relish the opportunity to work with our customers to help drive program adoption. As adoption grows, business value increases significantly.” Bill Seibert, Customer Success

Through ongoing business reviews and consultations we love working with you as your business and program evolves.

From planning to training to collaboratively working with you to refine and scale your program, our Customer Success team is obsessed with you and your needs. Whether you are just getting started with building your program or you are well advanced and looking to take your program to the next level with Trapit, our Customer Success team would love the opportunity to work with you.

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