A Publisher’s Dream: Curation made easy

There’s an ocean of content out there on any topic imaginable. Whenever the right occurrence cracks the levees, a deluge is inevitable, flooding the web with not only factual stories, but also opinion, commentary, and speculation. As a publisher, you’re keenly aware of the full spectrum of voices out there, and while you couldcapture the entire conversation, it’s much more useful to deliver a curated experience to your users. That means deciding how much content to expose your users to, of what type, and from which sources. There’s a world-wide discussion going on, and it’s up to you to deliver only the best of it. That’s the key dilemma every publisher needs to address: identifying what your user’s ideal experience would be, and then figuring out how to make that dream come true.

In a perfect world, your content would be the centerpiece of this experience, with the high-quality content you produce at the core of any conversation. To augment it, there are going to be articles external to your publishing domain — both from networks and independent writers — that have valuable, unique voices that are worth being heard. On the other hand, there are certainly sources and sites, particularly on controversial topics, that are not so trustworthy, and it’s only your expertise that allows you to determine what you’d be proud to deliver to a reader. In addition, there are some places that might be great for information on one topic but not another. If your goal is to deliver as much high-quality content as you can without the pollution from the noise of the internet, you need the right tools for the job.

Here at Trapit, we have a commitment: empowering you to solve this problem for every topic within your sphere and create the collections of content your audience craves. Have an RSS feed or author that you don’t want to miss a single story from? Add it in, and we’ll help you collect every article it publishes. Want a mix of quality articles from around the web? We’ll let you control the frequency and quality of how often it can contribute. Want to add articles one-by-one with a careful, meticulous hand? We’ll help make top-quality recommendations to ease your workload. Have a list of websites, feeds or authors that you want to prevent from ever making it into your collection? We’ll empower you to ban a source at will, and let you choose whether you want to ban it from all of your topics, or merely just one.

We know how highly you value quality, and we understand the importance of curation to a publisher’s integrity. Why settle for anything less than the best tools for the job? Come find out more about Trapit’s Publisher Suite, and never let your audience get swept away by a tidal wave of uncurated content again.


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