5 Ways to Get Started with B2B Video Content

Rumor has it that video is the next big thing in content marketing. Sure, we’ve had television ads and YouTube in the consumer space for quite a while, but video is moving into the B2B space, too. Are you ready for it? Creating enough original content to make your brand stand out online is tough enough as it is, without factoring in the relatively new need to throw compelling visual content into the mix. Yes, it takes more time, effort, and sometimes money. But, as we all know, content is paramount. And everyone’s new favorite kind of content is video. How do you get started? Here are some tips and ideas to get your video content ideas off the ground.

1. Create a short company video

If you don’t have any video content for your website or brand yet, a simple video that tells the viewer the story of your company is a great place to start. You can feature this video on your homepage and it will come in handy in many other places down the line. Keep it short and sweet. You can take a look at ours here.

2. If you have a product, show it off

Whether you offer a physical product, software, or service, create some short videos that show it off. Get hands-on with your product or do a series of quick how-to videos for your software or service. Address how your business helps the audience you are serving. Your buyer wants as much information about what you offer as they can get before they actually make the effort to contact you. Offer them that in a video format, and you’ll be ahead of the game.

3. Have your customers chime in

If you have happy customers, it shouldn’t be too hard to convince a few of them to tell the story of how your product or service has helped their business. Ask if any of them are willing to participate in short customer success videos, where they can tell that story and offer a few kind words. People love talking about their work, and if what you offer has helped them succeed, they will likely say yes to helping you in return.

4. Join the conversation

There are debates and fascinating conversations happening on social media every day. Find out what those conversations are in your particular industry, and get in on the action. Participating on social media is a good start, but why not create a few thought-leadership videos where your executives can voice their opinions about the latest industry topics? This will help solidify your brand as a leader in the conversation and let your potential customers know what your company stance is on a variety of hot-topic issues.

5. Get personal

If your business has a fantastic office culture and a variety of interesting, hard-working employees, go ahead and give viewers a peek with some company culture videos. These could be short interviews of your standout employees, a virtual tour of your company headquarters, or a quick Instagram video capturing a fun office event. Giving your audience a glimpse of how your company operates will foster a sense of connection and trust.

Branching into video may seem overwhelming at first, but if you treat it like just another part of your content plan, you’ll be up and running in no time. It doesn’t take a video every day, or even one every week, to make an impact. Videos have a good shelf-life and will serve you and your website well for months at a time. Start small, and you’ll find that the more videos you create, the easier the process will become. As we like to heed our own advice, check back with us soon for more videos about Trapit and exciting video content news.

– Kelly

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