3 Tips for Building Visual Content for B2B Companies on Instagram

Social media has become a mainstay for marketing these days. Each platform has its own vibe: LinkedIn is the professional one, Facebook is for everyone, Twitter is for chatting… However, it can be a challenge for B2B businesses to navigate the youngest of the bunch: Instagram.

B2C companies have it easier with Instagram, They often showcase their products in a myriad of scenes: people laughing and having fun, a Coca Cola at a picnic, a pretty girl in a brand’s latest outfit. But without these obvious images, how do B2B companies beat the boring?

Simply: get creative. (Struggling to get creative? Here are 3 scientifically proven ways to boost your creativity.)

Instagram is an opportunity to tell your company’s story in a visually unique way. I repeat: This is an opportunity, not a burden.

People online today love images because they are quick and easy to digest – perfect for our busy lives. We know how to follow, like, and engage with our followers, but how do we keep them coming back for more? What kind of images will appeal to our audience?

Here are three easy ways to build great visual content for a B2B Instagram account…

1. People being people. In other words, define your company’s culture and showcase it.

Bringing people and life into a B2B company is key. Post images of employees eating, laughing, volunteering, doing anything together that shows them building relationships. This will allow your followers to relate to your company, and it will bring a personality to your business. People want to do business with people; so, first thing to do is tell the story of the people who make up your organization.

For example, here are a few of Trapit’s employees being welcomed to the family:

2. Have an artist’s eye.

Once you’ve established the human side of your business, think of outside-of-the-box ways to tell your story: your company’s goals, values, and mission.

Using symbolism to tell your story is a great way to reach your audience’s emotions. Instagram followers are going to notice an image before they see the user handle.Therefore, it is important to make them stop scrolling and take a second look.If your business is young and growing, images of flowers or trees may be a great way to imply your goal of growth and nurturing.If your company’s values surround connection and stability showing images of straight lines and hard materials, such as photographing your offices in an artistic manner, could be appropriate.These metaphors are a great way to increase your content and subject matter for your Instagram account.

Here’s how Trapit used this approach:

A new day. A new office.

3. Bring it home.

So, you want pictures of employees and of beautiful scenes of nature to tell your story. But where do we take these photos? Your best bet: photograph what is around you.

Connecting with your community is a great way to further build your Instagram following. This can be easily accomplished if your company is large or small.If it is large and housed in several cities, ask your employees to snap photos of events, objects, and landmarks in their respective towns.Then, you can edit and enhance these images right from the app, making them pop and look professional. When your followers can relate to your photos, they will become invested in your company, building internal and external connections.

Remember to hashtag! You can hashtag the restaurant, section of town, or event that you are posting. On Instagram, you can hashtag your heart out, unlike with Twitter where it would be considered inappropriate. So make sure you give props and connect with your community.

Here are some Trapit team members at last year’s #CMI event in Cleveland:

So remember, Instagram is a chance for your business to show off its creative, human side. Images of people being together, natural scenes with a meaning, and community connections are the best ways for a B2B business to make a splash on Instagram. So get out there and start photographing.

Happy Snapping,


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