17 Go-to Resources for Your Social Selling Strategy

If you were to create a course on social selling, what would you put on your reading list?

To help companies launch their social selling programs, I thought that it would be helpful to compile a kit of go-to resources.

Below, you’ll find a list of links that I’d include in my social selling success kit. It’d be great if you consider adding any of your personal favorites in the comments below.

How do you manage your social selling program?

Launching a social selling program is not easy. Here are a few key resources that you’ll need for managing your social selling program.

A good social selling program takes planning. This workbook walks you through the steps required for successfully launching your program.

Need executive support of your program? No problem. Download this PowerPoint deck so that you feel prepared speaking to your executive committee about social selling.

You know that social selling will help your organization, but you can’t get executive buy-in. Here are some tips for handling 6 common objections.

Are you looking to build your social selling program? Find the right people for your team by using these interview questions.

Before you launch your social selling program, you need to write a social media policy for your company – with clear dos and don’ts. This blog post explains how to get started.

Without proper training, your social selling program will not take off. Use this training needs assessment to gauge your team’s readiness for social selling.

How will you measure success for your social selling program? There are three key types of metrics businesses can use. Choose the type that fits best with your objectives, your role, and the maturity of your program.

It’s common for salespeople to get excited about social selling. Then, they get busy, and their interest wanes. Results are not immediate, but sticking with the program will produce results. Here are a several ideas to get your team to stick with it.

Choosing the right social selling tool can be tricky. Use these 15 questions to navigate the decision-making process.

How do you do social selling?

In addition to managing your program, you need to arm your employees with best practices. Here are a few key resources that will help them get started:

This e-book covers the basics:

  • Why sales teams currently struggle to meet quota
  • How social selling solves those problems
  • What are the best practices

Use these sample messages to start conversations with prospects on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Here’s what your team shouldn’t do on LinkedIn.

And here’s what your team should do on LinkedIn.

Each social network is unique. Here are some pointers to get your team started on Twitter.

The folks at HubSpot have put together a beginner’s guide to social selling. Their blog post offers some great actionable tips. It’s worth checking out.

There’s a lot of hype surrounding social selling right now, and it helps to have a clear idea of what social selling is and isn’t. This post by Jill Rowley offers clarity.

There are tools that every social seller needs. In this post, you’ll find a list of tools, as well as tips on using them.

Your Favorites

As the topic of social selling becomes increasingly more popular, more and more resources will begin to emerge. This kit of blog posts, white papers, and workbooks only begins to scratch the surface.

Which resources do you love?

Share your favorites in the comments. I’d love to look them over!


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