Trapit for Social Selling

Social selling is the new reality of B2B sales. The most effective sales reps now rely on digital engagement for prospecting, networking, and relationship building. By helping sales reps connect with buyers long before they make a purchase decision, social selling lets your sales reps demonstrate value and maintain productive connections over the lifetime of your relationship with customers.

Control the Sales Process

Our workflow and metrics ensure that social selling scales quickly across your sales team and best practices are consistently followed.

Add Value throughout Each Buyer’s Journey

Building relationships with buyers is all about adding value. Reps automatically receive fresh, relevant content every day. Trapit makes sharing easy so that reps can establish themselves as trusted advisors to customers and prospects.

See ROI Quickly

Our onboarding process and award-winning user interface makes it easy for inexperienced reps to succeed using social. Our end-to-end platform and the dedicated support of our Customer Success team enable you to see ROI quickly.

Gather Sales Intelligence

Sellers get sales intelligence about their prospects, customers, and competition. They can track buyers’ updates on Twitter, and see when their buyers are mentioned online.

Get the Data You Need

Our analytics show how buyers are interacting with your sales reps on social. Use the insights you gain to understand what’s working and show how social is impacting your sales process.

Accentuate Your Workflow

Trapit integrates with your existing workflow. Tie your social connections to Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics. Seamlessly post from Trapit to LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, WeChat, and Wordpress.

How It Works


Build a robust content library for your sales team. Add your own content to Trapit, and organize it by team, geography, vertical, or role. Ensure that your reps can find the content they need, when they need it.


Rely on our content discovery technology. Powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning, Trapit continuously pulls in insights, trends, research, customer announcements, competitive intel, and other highly relevant third-party content.


Deliver fresh content to your sales team whenever and wherever they want it via easy-to-use web, CRM, and mobile apps plus daily email digests.


Your marketing team can provide pre-approved text so that content sharing on social networks is always on-message. Then, if you wish, individual sales reps can add personal commentary with each piece of content.


With the click of a button or the tap of a finger, sales reps can share content with buyers via email, SMS, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other social networks.


Get insights into which sales reps and what content items are producing results, and implement best practices to ensure consistent performance.

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