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Why Trapit Publisher Suite?

Personalize Your Content

Become your audience's center of gravity. The Trapit Content Curation Center enables you to deliver the most relevant articles and media from your own network and around the Web directly to your audience.

Deliver Relevant Content Anywhere

Engagement comes in all shapes and sizes. With the Trapit Content Curation Center you can create a native mobile experience that reflects the content from your website, tailored to the individuals in your audience. Create a personalized experience anywhere your readership spends their time.

Automate Engagement & Discovery

Focus on what makes you great -- your content. The Trapit Content Curation Center uses advanced artificial intelligence to automate the discovery and personalization of media and content from the Web, then delivers it to your audience the way they want it.

Stay Relevant

The way people get news and information has shifted from push to pull. Trapit gives you the tools to personalize your content and put it in front of your audience when they want it, where they want it.

Cross-Pollinate and Refresh

Use all of your content, again. The Trapit Content Curation Center brings yourarchives back to the surface, giving it new life and continued engagement, while also creating synergy across fresh content from your various publications.

How it Works

How Trapit Works


Draw from Trapit’s ever-growing library of more than 100,000 expert-vetted sources, or add your own content sources to the mix. From blog posts and newspaper articles to infographics or videos, Trapit discovers not only the most popular content, but those hidden gems that were lost in the clutter.


Define the content most relevant to your audience - and TRAP it – in real time. Trapit learns about what is most important to your audience and adjusts by adapting and refining content selections accordingly. You can even filter results by keywords, quality, tags and even location, ensuring only the most relevant content is displayed.


Trapit distributes this content – automatically – to social media, email newsletters, mobile applications, web sites – wherever your audience chooses to consume content. You determine the best venue – and best devices - and Trapit will handle the rest.

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