Addvocate and Trapit Combine Forces, Disrupting the Content Marketing Landscape

SAN FRANCISCO, Dec. 9, 2014 – Addvocate and Trapit, two leading providers of content discovery and curation, social selling, and advocacy services for marketers, today announced the signing of a definitive agreement to merge. The new San Francisco-based company will change the way organizations discover, publish, share, and amplify content across websites, blogs, social networks, newsletters, and other destinations.

Combined, Addvocate-Trapit offers its users a massive content library; artificial intelligence-based discovery capabilities; and the easy, one-click content distribution process of Trapit with the sophisticated employee advocacy capabilities of Addvocate. The merger immediately positions the new company as the only solution that combines all these capabilities. Read the press release

The recipe for
Content Marketing success

  1. 1. A hearty content strategy

    Without a strategy, there will be confusion in the kitchen.

  2. 2. A heaping spoonful of content sources

    With our library of 100,000 vetted sources, you will never struggle to find the tastiest content to serve up.

  3. 3. An assortment of publishing channels

    Spice up your social networks, website, blog, or mobile application by publishing content to your channels.

  4. 4. Your executive curatorial chefs

    Choose someone to oversee the cooks in your kitchen.

  5. 5. A handful of helpers

    Mix in your employee advocates and sales team to serve up your content.

  1. Step #1
    Plan it.

    Have your executive chefs choose meaty topics that your audience craves.

  2. Step #2
    Discover it.

    Stir in your heaping spoonful of sources, and sift through the content to find only the tastiest treats.

  3. Step #3
    Curate it.

    Add a dollop of personalization by mixing in your own commentary.

  4. Step #4
    Share it.

    With a single click, serve up your smorgasbord of content to any channel- from major social networks to your website, blog, or mobile application.

  5. Step #5
    Amplify it.

    Expedite the content to your helpers so that they can serve up brand-approved content to their social networks.

  6. Step #6
    Analyze it.

    Dice up your data, measure the impact of your strategy, and adjust your recipe accordingly.

Together, Addvocate and Trapit solve your marketing dilemma by:

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